A Brief History of Aluminum:

In 1886, Hall, American, and He’roult, French, both of them were scientist who explored the separation of pure aluminum from alumina by melting alumina in molten metal and using electricity to separate aluminum. Coincidentally, both scientist were born and passed away in the same year(1863-1914) and more surprisingly, they did not know each other and worked seperately.

It was a furtherance of the aluminum industry over the past hundred years, although it was a short history compared with steel or copper

Aluminum is the third largest element of the earth, about 8% of the crust, but why was it used belatedly?

The main reason is that aluminium is not in the form of metal patterns presenting in nature.
It present in form of rock, gravel, and others with oxygen and other elements.
Until the exploration of separating pure aluminum from alumina by using electricity, then being pioneered in the industry recently.

Aluminum has an excellent processing characteristics and can be processed into simple or complex shapes according to the application.
Unlike iron, angle-iron, flat-iron and other simple shape.
So, the use of aluminum expand continuously all over the world.
And, It also contributes to the higher growth of the average income of the population in the country where aluminum is largely found as well.


Aluminium Association:

The composition of the aluminum alloy is required to be registered by the American Aluminum Association.

For many organizations have to be published more specific standards for manufacturing aluminum alloys,
including Society of Automotive Engineers, for example.

Especially the standards of aviation and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

History of the aluminum used for train body in Japan Shinkansen
In January 1996, the Taiwanese high-speed train was launched by using the body from Japan Shinkansen 700series.

systemYear of manufactureTravel routeVehicle material, constructionAverage body weight
0system1964East Coast ShinkansenIron, all welding set legislation10.5T
100system1984Tokai Shinkansen
Sanyo Shinkansen
Iron, all welding set legislation9.0T
200system1982Joetsu ShinkansenMade of aluminum alloy
All welded sets
(Using super large profile)
dòng chính Sanyo
Made of aluminum alloy
Single skin
dòng chính Sanyo
Made of aluminum alloy
Double skin
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